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For more than 30 years we have been helping people of all ages learn to drive. Whether you’re a first time teen or adult learner or need to renew an expired license, we can help you get on the road! At CAS Driving School, we are committed to helping our students become responsible defensive drivers who are fully prepared to keep our roadways safe.

Services and Rates

First Driving Lesson

If this is your first time learning to drive, please make sure to schedule a two-hour session for your first driving lesson and then a second session no more than 2 days apart. This is to ensure that your next lesson is not delayed and that you retain the information taught in the first session. During your first session, your instructor will help you determine how many lessons you will need. After your first two sessions, you may choose to schedule 1-hour or 2-hour appointments.

Time Blocks

You can purchase a block of hours (3 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours) at discounted rates. Please schedule your appointment or appointments and be prepared to pay for the block of hours at the start of your session. You may schedule multiple appointments if you like but you do not need to schedule all of your appointments at one time.

Please contact us by email or call 202-636-1049